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Machined from 6061 Aluminum and specifically designed in anticipation for the upcoming Studio Camera 4k G2--this SSD Holder allows you to mount Samsung T9 and T7 Shield SSD drives to the XLCS Micro Cage or Cheese Plate in any orientation. The 1/4" holes are spaced with universal use in mind--and can be used with other branded cage/camera systems.


Both ratcheting thumb-screws and M4 socket head screws for locking in the SSD and USBC are included. The socket heads allow for a lower profile on the drive holder, while the thumb-screws allow for faster installation and removal. This is a great way to mount your drives and still keep a clean and low-profile rig while filming with the G2.


**Photo shows plastic prototype--final product is machined from aluminum**

SSD Holder (T9 / T7)

SKU: XLCS-MC-00019
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