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Presale - Item expected to ship August 1, 2024


The addition of the Sigma FP Side Plate opens the door for better protection and rigability for your Sigma FP or FPL. Once in place (via 4 M3 screws), your Sigma FP is now fully enclosed by the XLCS Cage. The side plate adds an additional 21 mounting points--including 2 M4 holes which allow you to use the XLCS HDMI and USBC Cable Locks (sold separately). 


Additionally, a 1/4" hole on the back side of the plate is spaced exactly 60mm from a 1/4" hole on the cage--meaning you can add 2 of our threaded 15mm rods to have a native rail system which lets you use 15mm rod accessories like battery plates without the need to add a full rod mount to the cage.

A 1/4" hole on the face also provides a mounting point for another threaded 15mm rod--which can serve as a mount for a follow focus unit or motor.


Lastly, internal cutouts mean you can hold back the Sigma FP's rubber port flaps which cover the microphone and USB port--providing easy access to the ports during use.

The Sigma FP Side Plate is a great addition to your rig--and will help you get the most from the XLCS Cage system.


Includes: Sigma FP Side Plate, 3x M3 screws, 3mm Hex tool.


Combine and save with HDMI Lock /USBC Lock when adding to cart.

15mm Rod sold separately.

Sigma Side Plate

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