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The Micro-HDMI port, known as the camera's Achilles' Heel, is irreplaceable once damaged, rendering professional-level image monitoring impossible. That's why protecting your Sigma FP with a cable lock is critical.


Our HDMI Cable Lock provides a secure solution by attaching the cable directly to the cage, alleviating strain on the port. Unlike conventional HDMI locks, it fastens to the Micro HDMI connector, minimizing the risk of signal interference from pinched cables.


Crafted from durable aluminum and anodized black, it ensures reliability. Includes a Micro HDMI to HDMI pigtail for added convenience. Also compatible with the XLCS Cage for BMPCC OG.


Includes: HDMI Cable Lock, Micro HDMI Pigtail, Mounting Screws and Hex Wrenches


Requires Sigma Side Plate to be used with the system.

HDMI Cable Lock

SKU: XLCS-0003
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